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About myself

Natalia Venditto aka @anfibiacreativa

Short Bio

Natalia has worked in the roles of frontend developer, full-stack developer, technical lead, software and solutions architect. Now she leads the end-to-end developer experience for JavaScript and Node.js, on Azure. Natalia is also part of the Google Developer Experts for Angular and Web Technologies, and Google Mentors programs, and an MVP award for Developer Technologies.

Some of the roles I worked in

  • I started my career as a Web Developer in the early 2000's at a small design agency that no-longer exists. I did LAMP stack and ActionScript (Flash)
  • I continued my career as a freelance full-stack Drupal developer
  • Almost 10 years ago I joined Netcentric, a start-up later acquired by Cognizant, where I specialized in the Adobe stack. I worked there for nearly 8 years, in the roles of Frontend Engineer, (I was later promoted to Senior and then Principal), Technical Lead and Principal Software Architect.
  • I worked for MongoDB as a Senior Solutions Architect
  • I now work for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager Leading DX for JavaScript developers in Azure

My LinkedIn profile

This is my personal site, and none of the views or opinions expressed here are those of my employers, past or present.

I tried to keep the site information as objective as possible, although some personal preferences and opinions may be evident. One thing I learned working in tech for so long, is that opinions about a technology may change. I also welcome healthy conversation and debate, and very often engage in developer communities to do so. I am not afraid to change my mind.

I am also a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and Angular. And got a Microsoft MVP Award in 2021 for Developer Technologies.

I am an international technical and key-note speaker. I have spoken at conferences and meetups in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

My priorities

I come from an alternative to tech background, and have educated myself primarily with community and open-source authored resources. I have now almost 2 decades of experience in the tech industry, and I feel extremely lucky to be part of this amazing community. However, I am very concerned with the diversity gap, and the lack of equal opportunities for minorities. If you want me to participate of an event or conference you host, please make sure you have a Code of Conduct in place, and that you are actively working to make your event AND THE INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE, more inclusive. Thank you.

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Special thanks

Wassim Chegham

Special thanks to one of my best friends, and definitely my one best friend in tech, one of the best JavaScript engineers and humans out there Wassim Chegham, for his continous support and help.

Sander Elias

Very special thanks to Sander for reviewing all technical content in this website, so far, providing feedback and encouraging me to go full-on with my opinions.

Bonnie Brennan

Also special thanks to Bonnie BrennanFor writing a detailed review on the website's design. Although I could not follow all of her advise -I love this palette and I'm not willing to change it :P -, she gave me valuable editorial insights.

Matteo Collina

Special thanks to Matteo CollinaFor not only reviewing the site prior to launch, but also for his continuous support and promotion of it, through several channels.