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Micro frontends in the wild

Additional resources

I have been exploring frontend optimizations in terms of distribution and cloud adoption, since 2018. Here you can find links to previous resources, as well as resources from other experts in micro frontends, cloud, composability and performance.

But my original passion has always been frontend build and setup systems design and optimization. That lead me to move from being a frontend developer to a full-stack and web architect, over the years.

At the beginning of 2017 I spoke about http/2 adoption, and here are the slides.

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Conferences: videos

Conferences: slides

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Learn more about accessibility

Accessibility is a very important part of user experience. Back in 2014 I started specializing in accessibility, when working for an enterprise scale platform, as a frontend technical lead. Here are some of mine and other expert resources on the subject.

Natalia Venditto - ngVikings 2020 - Be an ally! Accessibility in Angular
  • Anuradha Kumari

    Anuradha is a frontend developer and web accessibility expert, working towards making the web more accessible.

  • Glafira Zhur

    Glafira is, as she describes hereself, an Accessibility Driven Team Lead, with experience in enterprise scale frontend web development.

Content created by other experts

Learn more about micro frontends

  • Type: Book | Published 2021

    `Building Micro frontends` by Luca Mezzalira

    Luca Mezzalira is a Serverless Software Architect. This book is written entirely from his experience, designing and implementing decoupled systems in the cloud, and focuses on micro frontends.

  • Type: Blog Entry | Published 2022

    `Fate sharing and micro-frontends` by Igor Minar

    Igor Minar has been in the role of tech lead for the open-source framework Angular, for several year, and now works as Director of Engineering. I had the pleasure of peer reviewing this blog article before it was published.

  • Type: Blog Entry | Published 2022

    `What are micro frontends really` by Ruben Casas

    Ruben Casas works in the role of Staff Software Engineer and has several years of practical excperience in the subject.

  • Type: Code Sample | Published 2020

    `Module Federation with Angular` by Manfred Steyer

    Manfred Steyer is a reputed web architect, with extensive expertise in Angular development. He put together code samples and a plugin to simplify the integration of Module Federation with Angular. He also has other written and video content on the subject.

Learn more about web performance

  • Katie Sylor-Miller

    Katie Sylor-Miller works in the role of Staff Frontend Architect and was the one coining the term island architectures. She is an eminence in the topic of web performance and has a lot of entries in the subject.

  • Alex Russell

    Alex Russell is now in the role of Partner Program Manager and is one of the most well known and well reputed names in web performance. Alex has been part of the TC39 and is behind the specification of Web Components and PWAs as part of the W3C TAG.

Learn more about security

  • Liran Tal

    Known for his open source and JavaScript security initiatives, Liran Tal is an award-winning software developer, security researcher, and open source champion in the JavaScript community.

Visit my Favorite Web Development Community

  • Angular Nation

    Founded by Angular Architect and GDE Bonnie Brennan, Angular Nation is a community of Angular and JavaScript developers, where you can find a lot of content on micro frontends, and hang out with experts.

Learn more about cloud and serverless

  • Gwyneth Pena-Singuenza

    Gwyneth is a Cloud Developer Advocate and Youtuber, who really believes in the democratization of access to friendly and concise content to learn cloud computing.

  • Marcia Villar

    Marcia, a fellow Uruguayan cloud expert, works in the role of Principal Cloud Advocate, and regularly creates high quality cloud and serverless development content.

  • Salma Alam-Naylor

    Salma is a Staff Developer Experience engineer, focused in the Jamstack and an amazing streamer who builds live.