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Building decoupled, composable architectures, are a lot of work. And for that reason, putting together comprehensive documentation, is equally a lot of work.

Some of the topics in future iterations, have a placeholder now. Some are not yet written. If you have any suggestions, or would like to see something specific, please let me know!

Are you a library/framework maintainer? I am very interested in what you would like to add about your library/framework. Please reach out!

Upcoming topics

Content Management

  • Headless CMS

Developer Setup/Project structure

  • Monorepos and npm workspaces
  • The developer local setup: containers locally for distributed architectures development
  • Working with environment variables


  • Data storage; working with data
  • Data platforms


  • e2e testing (added 2024-02-18)

Security and best practices

  • Security: supply chain and secrets


  • Extended GitHub Actions

Artificial Intelligence

  • A RAG Pattern Micro-frontend app


I realize that allowing contributions is a lot of work and takes a lot of time in reading and reviewing. I want to be considerate and fair with the time others may put in being part of these guidelines, and because of that, instead of just opening the repo to arbitrary contributions, if you’re keen to help please let me know via DM on x - @anfibiacreativa. Thank you!