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Decoupling the monolith

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

What options do we have to break apart the tightly coupled, monolithic application?

When it comes to decoupling a monolith application, there are multiple approaches, and the choice of one or the other will depend on the context, the business needs, the team’s maturity, and the technical debt.

Decoupling the UI or decoupling from the perspective of the user experience

Can we classify each one of those views into static or dynamic? Are they being maintained or being further developed? This will serve us to determine in which ways we can split the user interface. I dedicate a whole page here, to explore this approach.

Other considerations

There are of course other aspects to consider: from a code perspective, the first analysis or exploration should give us a good understanding of the many layers of our frontend code, what may be moved to a shared assets layer, and what should be part of a specific micro-frontend application.