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Micro-frontends and user experience

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

Composability main challenge: a consistent user experience

When designing a decoupled architecture, particularly the decoupled frontends, we will need to make sure the user experience remains cohesive and coherent, across the many micro parts. This is one of the reasons why governance is vital to succeed.

Imagine loading a page composed of several micro applications, and each one of them has a different representation of state via the UI. Just a simple UI element, like a link, where the state (active, visited, focused) is represented in an inconsistent way, can be enough to confuse the user, and ruin their experience while visiting the application.

UX consistency technical challenges: state and url design

Apart from the obvious styling and interface design challenges, and the impact in the user experience, there are two technical difficulties that are particularly difficult to solve when composing frontend application from multiple independent components: state and url design.