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Micro-Frontends Splits - Vertical Split

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

When we’re decoupling a monolithic frontend or designing a composable system from the get go, and we split it into multiple fully-fledged applications each loading at a different URL, we’re implementing a vertical split.

Classification for vertical splits modules or apps

Each one of those applications can be a

  • Single Page App with or without routing
  • Multi Page App

In both cases, these applications can be small or large, and a composition of multiple components.

Influencing factors in the split and technical stack decisions

The framework used will determine additional patterns and technical decisions: for example, the application html pages can be statically generated at build time, server-side rendered, or they can be client-side rendered.

Additionally, vertical splits can integrate patterns from a typical horizontal split: we may have an MPA that integrates an independent component or several, at one path or route, or several.

vertical and horizontal microfrontend split