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WASI enabled Wasm

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

What is WASI

In the previous page, I listed languages that support Wasm as compilation target to run in the browser. There are additional standarization efforts to make it possible to run WebAssembly code not only on the client-side, but server-side and in IoT devices, for example.

WASI stands for WebAssembly System Interface and it’s a modular API that provides the WebAssembly runtime sandbox, and the apps running on it, access to features of the operating system.

You can read the introduction text here.

WASI Toolchain

Rust and C/C++ have WASI-enabled toolchains and WASI programs can run on its specific and portable runtime Wasmtime or in the browser, with the necessary browser shim.

WASI and Node.js

WASI makes it possible to interact with applications running in Node.js as runtime. To learn more you can visit the official documentation for v.19.6.0.