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CI/CD pipelines and automation for micro-frontends

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

CI/CD - Deployment pipelines automation

CI/CD stands for continous integration and deployment and they typically go together. If you’re relatively new to web development, you may not be entirely familiar with the precoursors of these concepts, since you may have learned to publish your websites using a platform that gives you a CI/CD pipeline out of the box.

Back in the days I started doing web development, the workflow was all manual and error prone. For example, I was versioning my application files by manually naming the folders containing them, locally, with a v1, v2, v3 and so on, zipping them manually, and then uploading them to the server, using an FTP client. Then I had to manually unzip on the server side. Those were the days!

service workers

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions are for sure the most popular CI/CD tool and I’m very sure that, even if you have not used them, you’ve heard of them.

When you build a site with a one of the many PaaS that provide cloud infrastructure, they typically offer you some form of developer tools, sometimes a CLI -command line interface-, sometimes a dashboard on their web UI, so you can manage your application and all its assets, and also you can build it, and generate workflows, and push them to the repository hosting, as well.