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Infrastructure as code for micro-architectures

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

Infrastructure as Code

If you’ve doing frontend development, exclusively, all your career in tech, or you’re a more junior developer, it may be that you’ve never heard of ´Infrastructure as Code´, or you’re not very sure what it is.

´Infrastructure as code´ files are typically written in a language that both the human developer and the machines can interpret, usually YAML or JSON -although it can be a ´Domain specific language´, like Bicep and serialized to be sent over the internet so they can be consumed by services via an API.

What does Infrastructure as Code help with?

Describing infrastructure in a code file, helps it become repeatable across deployment environments, and so consistent and standarized, and in many cases extensible in an incremental way so whatever deployments exist, are not deleted or corrupted.

´Infrastructure as Code´ is one of the components of software deployment automation, the foundation of CI/CD, and the software that handles its interpretation and execution, is also in charge of running additional workflows or processes to guarantee deployments are successful like building and testing, securing the infrastructure by injecting secrets and enforcing policies, handling all network tasks and integrations, and making sure each one of the components are available in the right order, to satisfy dependencies amongst them.