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Modularization of a Monolith

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

Modularization or The Modulith

Let’s start exploring how to solve the monolith problem from an architecture perspective. The first architecture driven solution to all the organizational and technical problems of a monolith that teams have come up with, has been modularization.

Modular monoliths are a pretty standard pattern in the industry, to break apart a monolith into modules that can be independently worked on.

The difference between a Modulith and a Micro-* distributed architecture, is that those losely coupled modules are still typically deployed together.

More modern implementations of the modulith make use of higher levels of abstraction to make shared code more reusable, and modules more independent. When it comes to frontend implementations, advances in the JavaScript specification and ecosystem, like ESM and new asynchronous load APIs, and developer tools like monorepos have made it possible to push modularization to the next level.