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Composable Frontend Applications

Author: Natalia Venditto

Date First Published: Wed Jan 04 2023

Composable micro-frontends

The loading strategies I referred to in the previous page, are in essence a way to compose multiple frontend applications into a single one.

When it comes to micro-frontends, composable architectures are the successor of the Jamstack -and integrating this concept-, expanding the design options and patterns with the possibility of integrating multiple -frontend- components built on top of different tech stacks. Components may be deployed to independent cloud managed services, or even to different cloud providers.

MACH as a reference, is a set of guidelines for composable architectures to guide teams in the adoption of composability with micro architectures, headless, cloud-native and API-First principles and patterns in mind.

In the next pages, we will explore a diversity of architecture patterns that enable composability for cloud-native applications.